Monday, April 14, 2008


Things are going great in Colorado! Carey and I are really, really busy right now, but we're enjoying things. Things are blowing up in a way like I never expected. Work has been incredible! Our division's growth has been phenominal and we keep exceeding expectations in a major way. I'm teaching at a ministry for young professionals called The Bridge within New Life. It's a total God thing because I know I don't have the wisdom for it.

On the home front, we're looking for a house while we rent from one of her friends for a few months. We found some awesome deals over the week-end and think we may have found a winner that is only 10 minutes from New Life and Carey's work. It's a process but we can't wait to be in our own place. It's a buyer's market right now.

Carey is still flying part-time for Skywest one or two week-ends a month. She hasn't grounded any planes yet so that's good. She's based out of Denver and is loving the gorgeous commute. She is working for the musician, Terry MacAlmon, as his assistant full-time from Mon-Thurs as well. Carey is loving being home in the evenings.

I thought you might recognize somebody from the video announcements this week. Click on the link:

We love and miss all of you! We are so glad to hear the good reports about Pastor Peter. he is a blessing!

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One year anniversary!

One year anniversary!