Saturday, January 19, 2008

We're Moving!

We are very excited to be moving back to Colorado!! In an incredible God set of circumstances, Phil got a job as the head of a new divisio at New Life Church and I'm going to be working for Terry MacAlmon and a few trips a month as a flight attendant! We're driving out on Feb. 1st and both start our new jobs on Monday, Feb. 4th! Woo hoo!! See you at New Life on Sunday!! :)

To give you a bit of background, God has really been doing a ton of things in both of our hearts... Last year in January, we felt like God was going to do something new, but didn't know what that would look like. In the spring, Phil had an amazing experience that sparked in him a renewed desire and hope for revival in the area. He started a morning church prayer meeting and a weekly prayer walk, as well as challenging the leadership and congregation to take steps of faith and obedience. Although we saw some amazing things happen, by the end of the summer, Phil had realized that the revival was really more for his own heart in many ways! In that renewal time, he really began to feel his time at Ohmer Park was coming to a close and started looking for options...

After applying to several places and getting little to no response, it was very discouraging... after several months of that, he sent an email to a few close friends asking them to really be praying... which started the ball really rolling!

The short story-- Phil looked at the New Life website just to see if there was something available... and there was a 'Bookstore Director' job that really interested him! In several amazing ways, God kept opening doors just one after another and he was hired officially this week to be the Director of Enterprise (although the name may change). Basically, he'll be in charge of the Bookstore and Cafe at New Life, along with a creative team of guys that he really clicked with. He is SOO very excited! Psalm 126 was what he read on the morning of his interview has really become the best description for how we feel! The combination of events that led to Phil's job, my job at Terry's, offers of several housing options and the fact that we could pick up and leave so quickly has been amazing. (We don't have a lease, there are several people who can take our place at the house as well as a couple of good options for new pastors for Ohmer Park.)

Thank you for all of your prayers and emails!! Much love and cannot waitttt to be back in Colorado!


Nicci said...

Carey -- So excited for you guys!!! I can't wait to hear how things go for you. Your scripture references are beautiful and your praises to God are inspiring. Thanks for being a great sister!!


Betsy said...

WWWOOOOOHHHHHOOOOOO!!! I am SO stinkin' excited I cannoooooot see straight!! YEAH!! Welcome home!
Betsy and Arch

One year anniversary!

One year anniversary!