Monday, February 4, 2008

Hellos and Goodbyes...

After an emotional last service at Ohmer Park Church, we are safely in Colorado Springs! It was a busy last few weeks of moving and visiting, but we were so blessed by all of the sentiments, prayers and notes of our wonderful friends in Ohio. Lots of hugs and tears on that last Sunday... but we know that God has already provided in amazing ways for the congregation-- even if we'll miss them!

We had a long drive to Colorado, although it was made MUCH easier by wonderful Papa Daws who flew out to drive back with us! We got into Colorado with much enthusiasm and a beautiful sunset last Friday night... had a great gathering with friends on Sat. night and worshipped our faces off on Sunday morning! :) We both had our first day of work today and are celebrating by kicking back by the fireplace eating our ice cream... ahhhh!

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One year anniversary!

One year anniversary!